New Product Alert – Rae Marie

imageShopping at Kerry Man Woman Home last week I was introduced to Rae Marie! which is a line of fine Soaps & Textiles founded in 2015 . I purchased the stain remover bar which I have heard works miracles on stains -Great reviews. Stay tuned for my feed back!

The Story – Rae Maria is a family owned company born out of the need to live a more authentic life in balance with nature. They began by crafting a line of natural soaps and cleaning products from local raw materials. Expanding to reach a global market, they operate in both North America and the Caribbean.

Each product is created by hand in small batches. This artisanal approach ensures that theimage utmost care and attention to detail goes into every item. Our products are free from harmful chemicals, dyes or perfumes that can irritate your skin and respiratory tract. We are committed to creating products that clean effectively while maintaining a balance eco-system and supporting your overall health.

Their textile line was created out of the eco fashion movement. Each garment is hand sewn from naturally fibers such as linen, cotton and silk, and then hand dyed using colors harvested from local plants.

Rae Marie’s story is one of family, of nature, of creativity, of Travel, of love.  product’s can be found at Kerry Man Woman Home located on 18 south Avenue Kingston 10. Jamaica W.I.



Entertaining at Home – Made Easy Pt 2

Tonight was a repeat of yesterday ! Grabbed some food on my way home from work (vegetarian). The only difference is this time I added some home made yumminess into the mix  :). I bought a variety of Lebanese food1.pngfood from Shams in Market place – I got Chicken Kibby’s , falafel’s, hummus, bread and a bunch of other yum  Lebanese dips! At home I made a herb and cheese pasta along with a Mixed shrimp salad which was AWESOME!  My salad was made of garlic shrimp, mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoe’s, feta cheese, sun flower seeds, Cajun crutons and my favorite green goddess dressing from Eits Cafe .

AGAIN – The entire dinner was simply fabulous not just because the food was delicious but because of the presentation! Trust me people it makes such a difference .. Get into it!

Tonight I did more of a bamboo and white theme – very clean / middle eastern looking in the simplest way possible.


8 Surprising Ways to Use Coffee in Your Beauty Routine

Firstly let me begin by saying here in Jamica, we have some of what’s considered to be the best coffee in the world ! How lucky are we ?!?

So MORE and More I’m learning coffee has other purposes, than to keep me TOTALLY SANE In the mornings 🙂

No matter how many articles we see about the importance of whittling down our daily coffee.pngcoffee intake, we’re more than happy to admit that we aren’t exactly inclined to give up that morning cup. Brushing off the haters comes easily to us, especially when you consider the list of undercover beauty uses that coffee has been hiding all this time on top of being our favorite morning wake-up call. Here, we’ve rounded up eight ways to incorporate coffee into your beauty routine that even a tea drinker could love.

Eliminate Puffy Eyes
In a world packed with stressful work deadlines and family obligations, the vast majority of us are not getting enough sleep, which is the best way to go about acquiring puffy eyes and dark circles. Game changer: coffee can help you get a morning pick-me-up for your eyes, not just your brain. It has been recommend saving the grounds from your morning pot of coffee and setting them aside to cool before applying to the under eye area and eyelids. Hang out or soak in a relaxing bath for about twenty minutes, then rinse off the grounds with cool water. Continue reading “8 Surprising Ways to Use Coffee in Your Beauty Routine”

Setting the ‘TABLE’

So Setting a beautiful table also serves those of us who aren’t great in the kitchen.  A pretty setting can distract from not-so-great food.  (Which can really benefit someone like me!) For me my table has to be stunning and somewhat of a conversation piece  – I look at it as art! I take great pride in a beautiful table setting more than my actual cooking haha ….

tableThere is a proper way to set a table, and there are two general settings: casual and formal.  The casual setting is definitely more popular, and it’s a great thing to learn because you build off the casual setting and extend it for the formal setting.

Casual Setting –

Plate  – Place the dinner plate directly in front of the seat – a couple inches from the edge of the table.

Napkin – Most of the time, the napkin is placed to the left of the plate.  The napkin can be under the fork or to the left of the fork.  Also, you will sometimes see the napkin on the plate.

Flatware – The fork always goes to the left of the place.  Place the knife to the right of the plate.  The cutting edge should be facing the plate with the knife pointing away from the diner.  A little reminder for which side the knife goes on, think about how a right handed person would cut their food.  They would use the fork in their left hand, and the knife in their right.  Place the spoon to the right of the knife.

Glass – The water glass goes on the upper right, and the tip of the knife should be pointing to the glass.

You can get as fancy as you want and add a lot more plates, glasses, and flatware.  This is often used in meals where more than one course is served.  Use the casual setting as a base and go bigger and better for the formal setting!

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Entertaining At Home – Made Easy

Entertaining at home is always a great idea – Love it!

imageYesterday on my way home from work I grabbed some food to take home for dinner. As I mentioned in a previous post my Aunt is here visiting from California, But she is vegetarian! So I  grabbed a veggie Burger and a Rawsum salad from Mi Hungry in Market place. Then I ran next door to East Japanese and grabbed a fried shrimp tempura roll and a squid salad for my mom – her favorite !

With dinner taken care of it gave me time to make sure the dinner table was on point!!! I used burlap for the table runner , huge green leaves as the place mats and made a very tropical looking center piece. The Centerpiece was a spray painted wooded box stuffed with leaves, candles, Lemons and my favorite elephant !image

I plated the meals on cutting boards to give it some rustic edge and used flamingo cloth napkins to tie into the tropical theme. I also used mason jars for the fresh juices – we had both passion juice and cherry juice also from Mi Hungry.

It was honestly beautiful and extremely tasteful if I do say so myself 🙂 and most importantly my aunt was blown away. It takes nothing but a little time and imagination to create the perfect evening, rite at home!

Eits Cafe – Europe In the Summer

8673956_origEITS Café, acronym for “Europe In The Summer”, offers an Exquisite Dining Experience. From our on property, Food Basket Farm;  EITS Café incorporates Fresh Salad Greens, Herbs and Produce into delectable dishes, in a fusion of European and Jamaican cuisine…

EITS is a rustic restaurant and eco friendly guest house in the New Castle area of the Blue Mountains in here in Jamaica. They offer a farm to table experience with freshly harvested, sustainably-farmed (pesticide-free) vegetables grown a stone’s throw from the dining area. image

On Saturday my Brother invited me, my mom and my Aunt here visiting for lunch. We thought it would be good to take her for a nice drive and some crisp air up in the hill! So what better place to have lunch than Eits Café – What a fantastic idea it was!!! We all got dressed like we were ready to face winter and made our way up. I’m sure you can all agree it was a very ‘chilly’ this weekend so imagine how cold it was so far up the hill ?!? Freezing! but nice 🙂

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What’s your Hobby ?

Church1.jpgWhat is a Hobby ?

A hobby is a regular activity that is done for enjoyment, typically during one’s leisure time. Hobbies can include collecting themed items and objects, engaging in creative and artistic pursuits, playing sports, or pursuing other amusements. A list of hobbies is long and always changing as interests and fashions change. By continually participating in a particular hobby, one can acquire substantial skill and knowledge in that area.

A person who engages in an activity solely for fun is called a ‘hobbyist’, whereas a ‘professional’ generally undertakes formal study and engages in the activity for reward and an ‘amateur’ (from French for “lover of”) does so out of personal interest in an activity. While an amateur may be as skilled as a professional, a professional receives compensation while an amateur generally does not.

8 Reasons why Hobbies are important:


  1. You can meet people.
  2. Hobbies build self-esteem.
  3. They’re a way to relieve stress.
  4. Hobbies make you interesting.
  5. Hobbies are a point of connection with other people.
  6. You can avoid boredom.
  7. They keep you youthful.
  8. Hobbies enrich your perspective.

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Looking for a Devine Taste?

20151009_16021Last Friday whiles browsing instagram I came across a Baked Mac & cheese on the Fromage  Insta page. I immediately had to have it !!! called up my Gay pal Jess and she accompanied me to fulfill this craving of mine. I ordered Crab Cake Lollipops, Baked Mac & Cheese which I added shrimp too and me being the OVER the TOP person that I am – added Parmesan Sprinkled Fries!! Jess ordered a Power salad with smoked Marlin – ALONE!! Which made me feel just great!!!! said no one ever ! Hey I love my food, what can I say? But in her defense I order that same salad all the time and it’s pretty amazing .


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