Happy Birthday Kerry !!!

The Fashion Godmother

FullSizeRender-4Big Birthday shout out to one of my faves !!!!! Kerry, wishing you a year full of love, health and happiness! Thank you for always being a motivator and pushing me closer to my dreams. Also thank you for believing in the fashion industry and helping it to blossom in our little island! Stay fab and continue to keep it real #Kerry #Loveher #FashionGodmother #Motivator #Kerrymwh #Alwaysreal #Stylisttothestars Xx

Pretty in pink

Summer is always a great time to revamp your makeup bag! Not only does it totally count as spring cleaning, but it is also fun to add some pretty fresh pink hues to your collection. Try incorporating a cute pink lip gloss with a casual day time outfit and then bump it up with a strong pink lipstick for a night out with the girls – cocktails anyone ??

Dive into style this summer

It’s back to classics. The all-time favorite, one-piece swimsuit is trending in full force!!!


Here’s what it has going for it: The silhouette is as sophisticated as it is stylish. It’s also impossibly easy to wear, which is key to looking, and perhaps more importantly, feeling, comfortable. But the summer’s assortment isn’t your red maillot. One-pieces are more versatile than you may think. Take for example the season’s details like strategically placed prints, flattering ruching, illusion mesh and sexy zippers, all of which give the cut a refreshing update. It has never been more posh to hit the beach a bit more covered up than usual.


The importance of having NOTHING to do!

By giving the brain ‘downtime’ we can improve mental health and allow ideas to incubate.

In today’s networked society we are at risk of becoming victims of information overload!!!relax in bed 4 Introspection and reflection have become lost arts as the temptation to ‘just finish this’ or ‘find out that’ is often too great to resist. But working harder is not necessarily working smarter. In fact  slacking off and setting aside regular periods of ‘doing nothing’ may be the best thing we can do to induce states of mind that nurture our imagination and improve our mental health. And what better time to do nothing than on a Sunday!!!!!


ooohhhh …. Buddha Buddha

Last week i got my hands on one of these Thomson Ferrier candles, and my bedroom has smelt like a spa ever since. Thomas Ferrier is where fragrance and fashion meet to create a lifestyle of sumptuous comfort and style. These new Buddha candles had me at Namaste !!

budha1Fragrance is singular and personal – we fall in love with a fragrance as we do with a moment in our lives. We reminisce through fragrance; its power to recall memory is unmatched: the comfort of a childhood home, the brush of a lover, the sophistication of a parisian street.

Fashion is the outward expression of inner style and verve. Like our creative energies, fashion is always moving, evolving, perfecting. Candles change with the sway of seasons and the melange of trends all around us. Candles can be playful one moment, chic the next, then boldly luxurious.

#getitatkerry #Kerrymwh #candles #buddha


The Romantic Traveler

“She left pieces of her heart in countries she visited”

So many of us see travel as a ways to escape. Escape from the mundane, the routine, reality and seeing that we have entered a new era, making our friends jealous via social media. #myveiwisbetterthanyours, a popular hashtag used on Instagram (now you know unnamedInstagram is legit when Word doesn’t have a red zigzag line under it!) . When you take away the usage and access to and of social media, you think, what is the purpose for really travelling to these far out places, backyard countries and the CondeNast must visit exotic destinations? Well, I can’t answer this question for all the wanderlusts currently trotting through those long TSA, customs, immigration lines not to mention flight delays (because lets be real in this sensitive nuclear age we live in, the process to your destination can be the most arduous of your entire voyage!) But what matters is that we “get there”… Get where exactly & most importantly with whom?

Does your travel experience amplify to an even greater degree when you travel with a companion(s)? Now, as a self professed loner, I prefer roaming the “World is my Oyster” for a table just for one (I made a mistake once of walking into a restaurant, blurting out “table for two please!” animated hand gestures and all, only realizing I had been day dreaming again.) I am a true romantic at heart; I see romance in the eyes of the individuals I meet through my wandering. Whether it’s a “casual employee” in a restaurant (serious, that’s her job title) who made it so that I could dine alone even though seating was to capacity because I was a party of one.( I will gladly rejoice when It becomes a party for two)

Our spirits vibed after just a few minutes and I helped close the restaurant as this “casual employee” told me stories of her crazy Cuban daughter -in-law who needed to go to etiquette school. I am really laughing, even though I had been on my third glass of wine. These stories I admire, as she scrolls through her Instagram feed so proudly(the new photo albums) fawning over her grandkids and the fact that she’s a diva outside her work uniform (“ Don’t let this fit fool you hunnie”) Continue reading “The Romantic Traveler”

The coffee table isn’t for coffee!

ec7ae65aab7e552c04f7d6cb19f32e8aI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The things you keep on your coffee table say a lot abut who you are and where you’ve been. For anyone who truly loves interior décor, a coffee table is not just another countertop that holds your miscellaneous items after you walk in the door. Instead, it should be viewed as the centerpiece of your living area.  Items I like to keep on my own coffee table are Candles, trays and obviously coffee table books! I have collected a mix of fashion, interior design, and lifestyle coffee table books in the past. I think it’s important that your decorative literature reflects your taste and personality, especially since it is on display in your home.

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content!

“Whatever we are waiting for – peace of mind, contentment, grace, the inner awareness of simple abundance – it will surely come to us, but only when we are ready to receive it with an open and grateful heart.”  

The Life of inner peace, being harmonious and without stress, is the easiest type of existence.  The chief struggle is the effort of revamping your thinking to the relaxed attitude of acceptance of peace.  The essence of the secret lies in a change of mental attitude.  One must learn to live on a different thought basis, and even though thought IMG_3411change requires effort, it is much easier than to continue living as you are.  The life of strain is difficult.

A primary method for gaining a mind full of peace is to practice emptying the mind.  Practice emptying your mind  of fears, hates, insecurities, regrets, and guilt feelings at least twice a day , more often if necessary.  The mere fact that you consciously make this effort to empty your mind tends to give relief.  Haven’t you experienced a sense of release when you have been able to pour out to somebody whom you can trust worrisome matters that lay heavy on your heart?

 Of course, emptying the mind is not enough.  When the mind is emptied, something is bound to enter. The mind cannot long remain a vacuum.  You cannot go around permanently with an empty mind.  i admit that some people seem to accomplish that feat, but by large it is necessary to refill the emptied mind or the old, unhappy thoughts which you have cast out will come sneaking in again.     To prevent that happening, immediately start filling your mind with creative and healthy thoughts.  At intervals during the day practice thinking a carefully selected series of peaceful thoughts.  Let mental pictures of the most peaceful scenes you have ever witnessed pass across your mind.  Such peaceful thought images will work upon your mind as a healing medicine.

Words have profound suggestive power, and there is healing in the very saying of them.  Utter a series of panicky words and your minds will immediately go into a mild state of nervousness.  If, on the contrary, you speak peaceful, quieting words, your mind will react in a peaceful manner.  It is also helpful to use lines from poetry or passages of scripture. Continue reading “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content!”