Make the accent chair – you’re WHOA factor!

Accent furniture and accent décor are an essential part of any decorating formula. No matter what room you’re decorating, at least some of the items displayed must stand out. They say a picture paints a thousand words, so I’m not going to try and explain what a room can look like without any accent items! I deeply appreciate art or an accent chair as my whoa factor! Every single room in my home has an accent chair – adds so much character! As you know my favorite colour is white so a popping accent chair is what i turn too for my all whit bedroom. In my opinion they somewhat show your sense of style depending on the pattern or look you choose to go with . I say make it POP ..

Little things men can do to instantly become more attractive!

Hey Guys! Did you know that there are small things you can do to instantly become 100% more attractive ?!? Like:

  • Skip short sleeved dress shirts and roll up you’re long sleeves insteadmen
  • Invest in an awesome tailored suit
  • Figure out your signature scent
  • DONT do white socks with dress shoes
  • If you’re a casual guy, surprise us and dress up every now and then
  • Buy clothes that actually fit you, and fit you WELL
  • Always follow the shoe belt rule. Make sure your shoes and belt match
  • PLEASE keep your long nails to yourself – ugh
  • Moisturize – Trust me it’s ok to do it
  • Hair flowing out the ears – Really ?
  • Find a brand of jeans that fit you best
  • Skip all the jewelry ! A nice watch and wedding band is all you need




The summer shade

White by far has to be my favorite colour! Not only when it comes to style but also decor – for some reason everybody and everything just looks more beautiful in this shade. With Summer approaching ,whites have never looked better! This iconic shade is a must in the seasons dreamiest dresses. From polished poplin shirt dresses for warm weather caribbean workwear, hand embroidered and eyelet trimmed tunic dresses for that weekend getaway, lace midi dresses and leather jackets for a date night … I’m loving it.
It list white summer dresses:
 The classic shirt dress
The iconic lace dress
The romantic off the shoulder dress
The weekend getaway tunic dress
The easy breezy maxi dress

The party dress

Blaze it up!

 71503d3d3a56f97b9fd5680f7a0303feWith so many different kinds of jeans, blazers and accessories, the jeans / blazer style fits almost every occasion. You can opt for a traditional look, feminine look or semi-formal look. You can choose skinny jeans, flares, ripped jeans or even print jeans. By mixing and matching your separates, you can create any look you like.

 I bet When you think of a blazer, the classic jacket is probably uppermost in your mind and this combo is certainly a deservedly popular choice. Skin-tight ripped jeans and a pretty top with lacy panel look great when worn with a classic black blazer – sky-high stilettos add even more emphasis to your shapely legs. For a muted colour palette, try a pair of black faded jeans with fashionable rips, worn with a plain dove-grey top and wide-lapelled black blazer, with black ballet pumps for the finishing 9dfd291979e804c833115d00451ec637touch. Low-rise stretch denims, together with a plain white tee and short tailored black jacket makes a simple but stylish combination, especially when you add a touch of colour with a vibrant neck scarf. A military-style buttoned blazer makes the perfect match for rolled-up jeans and a long-sleeved stretch tee, and you can make it look even better with a large-buckled leather belt and converse sneakers. Or capture the air of the polo match with denims and a single-buttoned black jacket, worn with a white shirt with folded cuffs and knee-high boots.

Canvas of hidden emotions

I Paint to release hidden emotions by: Connie Williams

FullSizeRender-3From an early age I knew that art was not for me, or at least that’s what I thought.  I can vividly remember how terrible of a taste art left in my mouth from as early as high school days.

It was to the point where even my mother would not stop making fun of a painting I once did and to be honest, I couldn’t even blame her. When I took a deeper look at it , I was forced to also Join in on the laughter and that’s when I accepted I was to stay far away from a paintbrush and canvas.

However ,things took a turn in the year of 2015. There were a lot of life changes going on that without even realizing ,was taking a toll on my mental wellness.

One day whilst in normal conversation with my friend Trudi, she invited me to go to a “sip and paint”.  I was very hesitant because as we all know Connie and art don’t go together but I thought I would go just for the fun of it Anyways to spend time with some of my close girlfriends.

With that said, I decided to look up something easy to paint because I didn’t particularly like what was being taught. I came upon a cherry blossom tree which is one of my favourite trees and it seemed easy enough.  So here I was painting away while looking at this picture and trying or should I say Praying for it to come out half decent, as I was not looking forward to being the laugh of the night. Let’s just say it’s not my most favourite painting and I’m being modest.

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Gems Rock: May 21 – June 20

FullSizeRender-2Are you a Gemini baby too ?!?  Good – Let’s drink to that. I literally got goose pimples with this short, simple and to the point read!

Hear goes – it’s time to cut ties with any bad seeds in your life and start cherishing the healthy relationships that you do have. Between daily meditation and journaling, there’s no shortage of ways to become the glass-half-full kind of person that you’ve always wanted to be. The end of retrograde on Sunday will have you feeling more inspired than ever to leave your mark on the world!