Don’t cry – Buy a bag & get over it!

brown bag.jpgFirst of all let me start by saying how proud i am of our Jamaican’s and where we are going within the fashion industry!!! Whoa i just love it!

Let’s face it: Handbags are a girl’s home away from home, so having a bag that properly stores all of your necessities and looks extra stylish is ultra important! The ideal handbag is both practical and stylish, both trendy and comforting. And, like most things in your closet, a handbag comes with a shelf life. So don’t be afraid to try new styles and branch out from your go-to comfort colors.

Whether you’re headed on an overnight road-trip or simply need to carry a few extra things around from time to time, make sure that you have a tote in your arsenal that’s oversized and will never go out of style.

 ps. every girl needs a brown bag – It’s classic and goes with EVERYTHING!!! #classic #brown #functional #leather #tassels #fun #styling #summer #getitatkerry #kerrymwh #getthebag #youknowyouwantit #dontcry #shop #madebyjamaican #supportlocal

Sweet dreams are made of these ..

IMG_0883Ready to try the PJ – dressing trend?  Awesome because I’m a total sucker for pajamas – my favorites are the airy silks, light cottons and fun prints! Now, I’ll also be the first to admit, my nighttime selection wasn’t always so stylish, there was a time where it only consisted of old white t-shirts and comfy boxers. Not a big deal, right? I mean, comfort is key after all. But then I was introduced to the Victorias Secret sleep line, I also remember hearing once that the average person spends 25 years of their life sleeping and I suddenly realized it was time to step up my snoozing style, and i have no regrets.

Boxer pajama sets are my absolute favorite. Not only will they keep you cool at night, but they’re totally functional for those super lazy Sundays when you suddenly find yourself still in your IMG_0881pajamas at the dinner table. These short sets are also a great option for the these HOT Summer nights that are on the horizon.

There’s also something so simple and sexy about a sleep tee. They are also a great choice when it comes to traveling since they take up virtually no space in your suitcase. Make sure to stock up on these comfy-cute sets before your  summer travels.

Sweet Dreams are made of these ….. #sleepytime #sleepinstyle #getthelook #sweetdreams #sleepincomfort #silks #cottons

Rock that Turban Girl – Made in Jamaica !

IMG_0837.JPGI’ve been seeing turbans and headwraps everywhere this season. I think they’re a perfect summer accessory and look equally great at the beach, out running errands or just trying to make a statement. They also seem like a great fix for a bad hair day and trust me i know! Have you ever worn one? well now is the time to get into the look – I have managed to start a cute little collection so far with bands from H&M and reversible turbans from our very own local designer Jae Jolly! #getthelook #jaejolly #jollyshopping #turbans #summer #styling #behold #islandstyle #islandgirl #Jamaicangirls #madeinjamaica #byjamaican #supportlocal

Here Janel shows us the easy 1 2 3 step to fab turban chic !


Street Style: The Crossbody Bag

If you’ve been searching for a versatile crossbody bag free of frills— i get it. The perfect leather purse can be surprisingly hard to find.

It’s small, it’s dainty, and it’s the greatest secret weapon that chic’s can’t get enough of ! IMG_0595The reason why cross body’s have been taking over the streets is because the carryall easily elevates any look. Throw it on the next time you’re running errands, and boom bam, an effortlessly polished transformation. Whether you’re in parts of the country where temperatures are way below freezing, or you’re in tropical regions like Jamaica basking in the sun’s rays, toss one of these styling  bags across your body (get it?!) to instantly upgrade your look.

Metal accents – While on the hunt for the perfect crossbody, search for styles with hardware accents. Whether you prefer bronze, silver, or gold, look for designs that boast either chain straps or structured fastens. Don’t worry if you don’t have time to put on jewelry; a bag with metal details like this one adds just enough embellishment to complete your look. #getitatkerry #kerrymwh #crossbody #blue #summer #easy #stylish #small #perfect #friday


A Knitted Summer night with love

This Knitted Sweater is EXACTLY what i’ve been looking for ! Vacation is rite around the corner and I’ve  been trying to collect the perfect wardrobe for it . When you already have the important staples all you need are pieces like this  to add – Looking forward to that perfect summer night – I got it at #kerry #getitatkerry #kerrymwh #summernights #knitted #style #mystyle #getthelook

Tassel Slides #Walk good!




For effortless off-duty style, team this pair of premium leather Pebble Tassel slides with an easy maxi dress, or a cute pair of shorts or jeans! What am i talking about … these unusual stylish sandals can be rocked with just about ANYTHING!!! #rockit #getthelook #getitatkerry #kerrymwh #fashion #style #summer #tassels #walkgood

Life in Bali – With Bianca Bovell

Bali Life by: Bianca Bovell

IMG_3607The past month and a half has been a trip of a lifetime to say the least. I traveled half  way across the world to the island of Java in Indonesia: the home for wood carvings and furniture manufacturing. I was on a mission to find a manufacturer who would be able to turn my designs  and the pieces of my imagination into a reality for my new homeware line, Norbrook Home, which will be launching later this year. While in Indonesia, I learnt so much about myself and my business, how to deal with foreign companies and the art of negotiation. Finding my feet was difficult, but once I could stand and learn to walk in this new place, the hard steps were all so very worth it.

IMG_3470While the manufacturing companies spent a couple weeks making samples, I decided to head to the neighbouring island of Bali to  see the other side of Indonesia. My sister and friend booked their flights and headed to join me on my touring. To make the most of our time, we decided to stay in three different areas of the island to cover as much ground as possible. First up was Jimbaran Bay which is in Southern Bali, away from the crowds and surf waves in Kuta, Jimbaran Beach stretched for miles lined with fish shacks and calm clear water along it’s shores. In two nights we covered a lot of IMG_3028ground – we visited the famous surf beach Padang Padang (also featured in the infamous Eat, Pray, Love that every girl can appreciate it). We also made it to the famous Rock Bar to watch a very insta-worthy Bali sunset. Stopping at the Sundara Hotel Bar for a night cap while looking over their amazing infinity pool while listening to live music – we walked along the bay back to our hotel with the moonlight shining above like we had never seen it. Guiltily, due more to jet-lag rather than productivity we awoke very early the following morning and spent the day at Finn’s Beach Club. To get down to the beach club we had to climb into a little tram that took us from the cliffs to the waters with monkeys swinging from the trees around us. It was almost a scene out of Jurassic Park, minus the dinosaurs, but you’d be surprised those little monkeys can be aggressive! After relaxing all day at Finn’s, we then took in the sights at Uluwatu Temple and watched the surfers catching their last waves at sunset while sipping cocktails at Single Fin’s Beach Bar.

We checked into our new hotel for the second part of our Bali tour and as we arrived, we already knew we wouldn’t want to leave. It was a dream when our expected garden two IMG_3210bedroom villa was unexpectedly upgraded to a private pool villa. Seminyak is known as more the hip and happening place in Bali, so naturally our first night there we hit the town. La Favela was a really cool spot of late dinner and drinks; and by ‘late dinner’, I mean a dinner that we almost didn’t have because despite being half way across the globe we were still Jamaicans and obviously late for our reservation! Sunday lunch at Sisterfields the next day was an awesome hipster spot that gave us the fuel necessary for the rest of the day spent shopping (and haggling) in the Seminyak Market.

Monday in Bali still meant I had a bit of work to deal with so I had to play catch up when I met the girls at Potato Head Beach Club. After the sunset, and a brief detour thanks to Becca’s terrible google maps skills we made it for dinner at Motel Mexicola – highly recommend for great Mexican food and a cool vibe. Our last day in Seminyak was spent soaking up the sun at the Azul Beach Club and then driving to see the Tanah Lot Temple.
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Easy Breezy Summer stripes


I would love to add some comfy casual dresses into my wardrobe, especially in this tropical  summer heat !

This cute girly girl blue and white striped dress can be jazzed up on a Saturday lunch date out with the girls, a little vacation weekend away or just hanging around ….. It’s not only super chic but beyond comfortable and flattering! Throw on some sandals, grab a clutch and maybe a cute hat? #getitatkerry #kerrymwh #style #summerstyle #summercomfort #youknowyouwantit #wellgogetit

Start the week off BOLD & BRIGHT #Peace-is

FullSizeRenderStart the week off BOLD and BRIGHT  with fabulous and fun arm candy full of life, luck and charm!! These beautiful peace-is come in different colours, stones, charms, and a story that will wow you! I have become a collector because i  not only love this line but t’s great to stack – and i like to stack ! Yep … stacks on stacks! Thats how i roll – Be inspired and start your summer stacking now #getitatkerry #kerrymwh #getthelook #beads #charms #luck #blessings #peace #prosperity #love #style #stacks #collector #bebold #summer #peace-is