Make it a LONG & FULL Holiday!

imagesfczlyq2aSOOO I know tons of us are not into the ‘weave’ situation but honestly ladies ? It’s totally not a big deal NOBODY cares!! If you  are looking to glam it up this holiday just do it ! Extensions don’t only have to be for length but can be used for fullness and spunk…..

For the majority of my life I have always had long hair. Earlier this year when I made the big decision to chop it off, I knew that I would eventually want to make the transition back into longer, fuller locks seeing as I get bored easily . Let me bring you in on a little secret of mine: I have worn  extensions in the past and I am ready for them again, even when I have shorter hair. While I wish that my hair could grow five inches overnight, I’ve come to terms with the fact that extensions are the only way to make this dream a reality. Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing my hair natural too. But what I’m lacking in volume and length I make up for by wearing extensions.

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5 Fun & Easy Tips To Feng Shui Your Life

tumblr_ndrbzlieux1s8d8hro1_500Have you ever noticed that whenever you get into a rut, no matter what you do, everything around you just becomes cluttered and stuck? Why does this happen? It happens because we are doing too much, feeling overwhelmed or scattered and our spaces are not clear. Not being clear in your head and heart manifests itself in your environment. Your environment shows you what you have been focusing on and what you are creating. Is it balance or is it chaos?

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Using Faith to Find Lasting Love..

Lack of Faith –

heartThe biggest barrier to manifesting love is our lack of faith in the process of life. We have to believe in our future and know that we are worthy of our desires, and this happens when we put our faith in the unknown. The truth is, there is a divine timing to everything in our lives, and when we trust the process we can alleviate the suffering of thinking we are off-track. Trust the process by turning your attention to life in this moment. Instead of focusing on what’s missing, focus on what’s going well. Start living your life with more focus on the moment, and you will feel more peace and ease. When you trust life just a little bit more, you won’t need validation from others because you will be so committed to your path, you will already be living it with joy and abundant ease.