Capture your Style – On my Coffee Table!

CaptureYourStyle_bookFrom Instagram star Aimee Song, creator of the popular fashion blog Song of Style, comes the very first how-to Instagram guide, breaking down the essentials to taking gorgeous photos and building your brand and following.

With over three million Instagram fans, Aimee Song knows a thing or two about taking the perfect Instagram photo. And Instagram is so much more than a platform for pretty pictures. It’s the fastest-growing social media network with an engaged community, a major marketing tool for brands, a place where Beyoncé drops her albums, and a hub where products can be bought with a simple double tap. Including everything from fashion, travel, food, décor, and more, Aimee includes insider tips on curating a gorgeous feed and growing an audience.

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Meditation Spaces ..

265e5d424fd15c3adfa9cf12d82ac93bWe all need a special place that we can escape to and connect with our own higher power. It helps recharge our energy and keeps us balanced.

I have been wanting to create a space for a while now. A part of my home that each time I sit there  it feels sacred and soothes my soul.
You can do whatever you want in your space: you can read, sleep, sing, knit, chant, pray, reflect and the list goes on.
You will be taking a courageous step in your spiritual development by creating a beautiful energy-space in your home.
It will be a safe haven to listen to your soul and get the answers to your questions… Sacred spaces can be created anywhere, even if it is just a tiny corner in your bedroom. There are no rules to creating your own meditation room or sacred space. Follow your heart and put in everything that you love. The space should feel like bliss, it should be a place where you can just be alone and relaxed.

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The Shack – life changing!

the shack.jpgAfter suffering a family tragedy, Mack Phillips spirals into a deep depression that causes him to question his innermost beliefs. Facing a crisis of faith, he receives a mysterious letter urging him to an abandoned shack in the Oregon wilderness. Despite his doubts, Mack journeys to the shack and encounters an enigmatic trio of strangers led by a woman named Papa. Through this meeting, Mack finds important truths that will transform his understanding of his tragedy and change his life forever.
I went to see this movie on Sunday, it touched me in the most unbelievable way! It’s eye opening and answered so many pending questions i had. I highly highly recommend everyone sees this movie ASAP! You won’t regret it and i promise it will leave you feeling inspired and in tears.

Lace & Diner en Blanc ..

adelyn-rae-sleeveless-lace-romper-white_largeWhether you call it a onesie, a playsuit, or a romper, this ultra lightweight and super stylish lace statement cannot be ignored. The fabulous one-piece shirt and short combo has overtaken many closets and with its extreme versatility and comfy fit, there’s no reason any wardrobe should be lacking this staple . Evolving your look from day to night is essential, especially when you’re on a weekend getaway with limited options. A pair of thong sandals and a wide brimmed hat will make your romper super beach appropriate, while a strappy wedge and structured blazer will help transition your look into the perfect night on the town. When shopping for a romper, fit is really important, so make sure you find a comfortable length for yourself as well as flattering colors and prints. If you’re feeling body conscience in these figure-fitting pieces try layering over a cardigan or boyfriend blazer. This look is totally perfect for Diner en Blanc #getthelook #getitatkerry #kerrymwh #romper #lace #denerenblanc

The return of the great Sam Smiths !

Many have heard of the legendary Adidas Stan Smith sneaker.

untitled-article-1432668978But few are aware that the shoe, first introduced in 1963 and recently hailed as one of the most important sneakers in the world, takes its name from former No. 1 tennis player Stan Smith.

To boot, a lot of the trendsetters bopping around in Stan Smiths today probably weren’t even born by the time Smith had retired from tennis in 1985.

Real scenario: a young woman wearing classic white and green adidas Stan Smith sneakers ($75) picks up a pair of pale blue limited edition Stan Smiths designed by Raf Simons ($455) in a New York store, debates buying them, looks cool. It’s official: the unassuming leather tennis sneaker first issued in 1971 has achieved the height of fashion influence. Since the shoe’s reissue in 2014 after two years off the shelves, its popularity and fashion significance have reached icon status. Stan Smith is to sneakers as Levi’s are to jeans and Kim Kardashian’s Instagram is to selfies: the ultimate expression of the form.

To boot, a lot of the trendsetters bopping around in Stan Smiths today probably weren’t even born by the time Smith had retired from tennis in 1985.



My Monday Beauty pick – That special Glow …

s1790633-main-heroMusic to my ears – Wow Trudi you’re glowing!!!! Ha I glow thanks my AMAZING Anastasia glow kit, which is a kit with four metallic powder highlighters for intense luminosity. The kit brings instant luminosity to the complexion with these four metallic powder highlighters. Just layer the highly blendable shades together or wear them separately on the eyes and body for a radiant look. I stock up at Sephora but the kit can be found in many beauty stores and also their web page –

The Great White !

white denimWhite jeans can take you any and everywhere, to the chic-est restaurants or hottest club. When I wear my white jeans purchased  from Kerry MWH I know it’s going to be a good night as I feel great in them!!

Everyone can wear white jeans, you just need to know what’s the best style for your body shape before you indulge in the great white jean. A pair of white jeans is an investment purchase,  you will probably only have one or two pairs in your wardrobe so to ensure you get the best fit always .. Also I managed to pull off white jeans last years Diner en Blanc – Think outside the box!! #getit #getthelook #getitatkerry #kerrymwh #denim #white #greatwhite #chic

Sunday Thoughts with love ..

“If anything matters then everything matters. Because you are important, everything you do is important. Every time you forgive, the universe changes; every time you reach out and touch a heart or a life, the world changes; with every kindness and service, seen or unseen, my purposes are accomplished and nothing will be the same again.”
― William Paul Young, The Shack