Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

meyersHey Guys – So i wrote about Geranium earlier this week. You know i tend to get a little obsessed when i find something i like rite ? I have always seen the Mrs. Meyer’s brand around, mostly in Target – but never paid it much mind. I grabbed these three Geranium scented products in our local health food store this week, the same day i got the Geranium essential oil.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Geranium Hand Soap contains a special recipe of aloe vera gel, olive oil and a unique blend of essential oils to create a hard working, non-drying, yet softening cleaner for busy hands. Hands have never had it so good. Paraben free.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Air Freshener contains natural essential oils and fragrance to meyers2quickly freshen any room with garden-fresh Geranium scent. Comes in a non-aerosol air freshener bottle. Such a treat!

Clean up real nice with Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day body care products. The rich, moisturizing formulas and garden-fresh scents are perfect for lathering up and as a pick-me-up during meyers1your daily shower. Our Body Wash hydrates your skin with aloe vera gel and flaxseed oil and our long-lasting Daily Bar Soaps are made with olive and coconut oil and triple-milled for a rich lather.


Tkees just got personal!

tkees.jpgI use to be obsessed with nude Tkees! I was forever replacing  because i wore them so much. Comfy comfy – and they sure did go with everything! I’m pretty excited that you can Monogram them – i think i’ll get me a new pair – or two.
Husband and wife team Jesse and Carly Burnett launched TKEES in 2009, aiming to create effortless sandals that “disappear” on the wearer. Branded as “cosmetics for your feet,” TKEES shoes began with a line called Foundations, later joined by Liners, Glosses, and other cosmetics-themed styles in colors that complement any skin tone and any outfit. With neutrals and shimmers in natural leather, suede, and patent, the Toronto-based brand offers comfort, ease, and casual style with every shade.


Something Blue for the Summer !

essie.jpgI REALLY enjoyed rocking light blue nails this summer! I’m that boring girl that doesn’t play around too much when it comes to nail polish – i keep it simple every time! I’ve really been feeling this blue though – literally. I found that i repeated it every time i went for a fresh mani – not only is the colour fu, but this baby blue polish will take you away to a tropical island.  A soft, breezy blue manicure conjures clear caribbean waters and cloudless skies and cotton candy :).

I Hopped off the plane at LAX

11214194_10153757686674416_3754489518700318014_nFirst of all if i had to live in any city in the US, it’d be Los Angeles HANDS DOWN. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years of visiting— it’s that there is much more to L.A. than meets the eye—you’ve got to do a bit of digging. From visiting the notorious Hollywood hot spots, to uncovering the more exclusive hidden gems, roaming about the city has to be one of my fave things to do – like a true tourist . Since L.A. is in a constant state of evolution the restaurant and modern-art industries are exploding there! There’s always 12115586_10153757404819416_2079030146274273211_nsomething new and awesome to explore, watch, taste, or listen to every time i go back. Here are a few of my L.A must does – atlas once !

First up: No matter if you’re five or 50, you’ve gotta love The Grove. A bougie outdoor mall located in the heart of L.A., it’s like Disneyland for shopping addicts like myself -complete with a vintage tram and the outdoor farmers’ market directly next to the mall.

Beverly Hills is known around the world as one of the most fashionable places to shop. In the heart of it all sits Rodeo Drive – 12119149_10153757716259416_456600579810959559_nundeniably one of the most famous streets on the globe. Now i can’t afford to shop on Rodeo Drive YET, but i sure do enjoy window shopping and acting like i belong there. With more than 100 world-renowned stores and hotels comprising its three magnificent blocks within the Golden Triangle, it is easy to become lost in the street’s splendor and charm. There are, however, several highlights that are not to be missed. HELLO let’s not forget PRETTY WOMAN was filmed there 🙂 Continue reading “I Hopped off the plane at LAX”

It’s a Flamingo typa life yo ..

Painting By: Trudi Alexis

I am not sure, how, when or why but I have an unhealthy obsession with Flamingos and Pineapples . Its become a thing where I am constantly looking out for anything that has a flamingo pattern. I have always loved flamingos but it really stepped up a notch last year.For my birthday last year, my bestie and i actually had a Flamingo and Pineapple themed party – it was actually pretty dam cute! My Flamingo obsession ranges from , Tea cups to glasses, to clothing and swimmies, to wash tape, to homeware and trinkets.

I am actually on the look out for some dainty but clean wallpaper {not in your face} for my bathroom, and maybe a few cushions for my white bedding. Hold up – speaking of obsession, would you believe i painted them as well?  YEP the other day i went to the store and got me some canvas, paint and brushes – I painted FLAMINGOES and they came out so dam cute!

Jamaica Through her eyes – Push Cart Negril

img-20170822-wa0008-e1503432996650.jpgA couple months ago i had to venture down to Negril for work. I was there for a couple days, naturally the gypsy soul within me had to venture out! I went over to Push Cart one night which is apart of the Rockhouse property  – located on the west end.

Our modern version of the classic Jamaican “Jerk Centre,” Pushcart serves up a full spectrum of the island’s traditional fare in a lively, colorful, and music-filled outdoor atmosphere. I’ve heard Pushcart takes guests on a culinary tour of the island, with dishes like peppered shrimp (inspired by roadside IMG-20170822-WA0011vending in Middle Quarters, St. Elizabeth where vendors rush your car with flavorful hot peppered shrimp in clear plastic bags), steamed fish with bammy (what vendors offer in Port Royal), and homemade jerk sausage (made famous by Jamaica’s “jerk center” at Boston Bay, Portland). The menu also features other traditional Jamaican home cooking fare such as curried goat, oxtail and fried chicken.

I honestly can’t say how the food is, because i had already eaten dinner and only went for drinks. However the cocktails were YUMMO and the music was wicked! Overall It was  a very cool experience – deff a chill spot to hear some good music and grab a drink!!!

Chicks that Bird Bush …

IMG-20170822-WA0005Every year around this time, hundreds of hunting enthusiasts get super excited and fan out across the island to their favourite hunting spots for ‘Bird Bush’ to shoot birds.

Bird Bush It’s a long-held tradition for many of these hunters, some of who’ve been tagging along with their grandfathers, fathers, and uncles since they were just kids. But don’t get it twisted, it isn’t a free-for-all: hunters must satisfy a number of criteria to become eligible to participate in bird bush.IMG-20170822-WA0002

I can remember going to bird bush as a little girl with my big brother ! It was always such a fun experience being out in the middle of nowhere, eating, drinking, marking and plucking feathers out of the birds. As i got older it remained something i grew to love even more! Sometimes i tag along with friends or go with my IMG-20170822-WA0000brother and his boys – even if you aren’t actually shooting it makes a fun lyme . It becomes a day of drinking way too much white rum, ice cold red stripe’s and eating whatever is available to trow on a cold stove.

I’m finding that more and more women are starting to becoming a huge part of IMG-20170822-WA0003the sport. Wives go with their husbands or friends , little girls with their dads or grampas and somehow you get the itch to try out shooting,  before you know it – your addicted and own your own riffle . I is a woman’s world after all 🙂

Here are a few trendy and styling  ladies out in the bush putting some of our guys to shame!! #BangBang

WTF is a Period Cup?

perios cupEvery boss bitch deals with it, and honestly it can sometimes really suck. We are talking periods ladies, the crimson tide. There seems to be a lot chatter about good old Aunt Flo these days, which is great because it means more people are comfortable talking about it! But with all of this chatter comes a lot of questions. A big one seems to be WTF is a period cup? Followed by, wow do you use it? Where do I buy one? And what are my options? The HBFIT team broke it down, so US (the people!) can decide if it might be a good alternative to tampons/pads. Continue reading “WTF is a Period Cup?”

Coffee Break – The Golden Turmeric Latte

how-to-make-turmeric-latte-golden-milk-lu5a0456-683x1024.jpgTurmeric, a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, is one of our favorite superfoods!!!  Try out the trendy golden latte for a boost during the day!

For all those who haven’t tried turmeric lattes yet, I advice you to start small on the turmeric, and increase the amount in your lattes slowly and gradually. It does not help if you add a teaspoon of turmeric to a small pot of warm almond milk, and then be grossed out by its grainy texture. Just like ground cinnamon, ground turmeric does not completely resolve in lattes, so there will always be some particles left on the bottom of your mug. If you are new to the whole turmeric latte thing, try to avoid that last sip (although I think it’s the best part), in order not to develop an aversion to this drink. Continue reading “Coffee Break – The Golden Turmeric Latte”