THE CULT OF LE LABO SANTAL 33 – What I’m wearing

santal 33I live in Jamaica, where we have zero access to Le Labo fragrances. Yes, you can order them online, but it’s way more fun to pick one out in-store and have it hand-mixed right before your very eyes. That’s why I asked a friend to go grab me a bottle and have it personalized for me. They’re not cheap, but I get so obsessed with a certain fragrance that I can’t forget about it and neeeeed to own it.

I have recently learnt that Everyone wears Santal 33 in NYC and LA. Justin frickin’ Bieber wears it. I was like, No thanks, I don’t want the ‘cult favorite’. I always like different and unique ! YES, I’m ~*unique*~ and different, OK?

I was with a friend getting ready one night and I spritzed some of her on just to test it, and for the rest of the night I could not stop sniffing my wrist. It was masculine. It was feminine. It was smoky. It was floral. It was shapeshifting in my nostrils. It was elegant but edgy. It was sophisticated but down-to-earth. It was love.


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