CUTS of a DIAMOND – What I’m reading now

I must shout out to the world how incredibly proud I am of my Sister Friend!! Sandra has always dreamt of writing a book, but as she mentions in her story – Nothing before it’s sandratime! She conquered all fears and is finally telling her story, and what a story it is. She wrote this book with hopes of helping and guiding others like myself. I spend a great portion of my  life trying to figure out how to get on the self journey -to finding myself again.

Sandra speaks about turning even your most heartbreaking experiences into a thing of beauty.

In Cuts Of A Diamond Sandra Rodriguez Bicknell sets down her raw emotions and honest experiences in order to make a difference in each reader’s life.

It’s time to take back your authority over your life. You cannot dictate what will or will not happen to you as your life unfolds but you can manage how you look at your experiences and how you let them affect you. Then honor your victory with a beautiful piece of gem sprinkled jewelry that will remind you of your triumphs.

Make this memoir your guide to self-rediscovery and growth. The journey begins with the first chapter.

  • Improve your Relationships with God and your Family
  • Conquer Heartbreak
  • Strengthen your Spirituality

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