A girls trip – is good for the soul!

img_9345-2.jpgI am recently back from the best girls weekend ever!! For months now we have been asking our friend Connie what she wants to do for her bachelorette .. Since her wedding isn’t too traditional, her immediate response was, “I don’t really want one!” The idea of wearing a feather boa and going up to strangers to do weird dares isn’t really her thing LOL. Howevvvver not doing anything just wasn’t an option in my opinion. I mean helloooo you only get married once – I HOPE. She then suggested that instead we plan a girls weekend away. Something super low-key. Simply a good excuse to get away for a weekend with some awesome girlfriends, where we would do nothing but walk around and shop during the day and then consume awesome food and party in the evenings. We immediately decided on heading to South Beach! I did all my research before, figured it IMG_9455was a good time to finally go to a bunch of places I’ve been wanting to experience. I mapped it out and Connie and Jess floated along, and it was one of the best weekends ever. There is something pretty awesome about spending a solid weekend with your special ladies.

We stayed at Riviera south beach which thankfully was the cutest little spot, rite smack in the middle of all the good Miami vibes – good food, good shopping and most of all great culture!! The rooms are set up suite style with an old mixed with modern feel … the outdoors made me feel like i could be in Bali or somewhere very boho – cute cute cute!!!!

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