Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water – AKA Magic water

GARNAfter trying out this magic water, as i like to call it! I’ve been uber impressed with how well it removes my makeup and all impurities from my face, also how little of it i need. It leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed throughout the day. I also find it cool that it’s fuss-free and doesn’t need rinsing off, especially in a hurry. Cant forget to mention, how small and convenient the bottle is to travel with!

Coco for Coconut oil !!!!!

These days, it seems like coconut oil has hired a new publicist! Everyone is talking about it, and everyone is using it… but, what is it actually good for? Turns out, besides being wonderful for cooking, coconut oil is an incredible superfood that has tons of different Coconut oilbenefits! Before we dive into the many different uses for this magical food, let’s first be sure that we are using an ORGANIC, UNREFINED coconut oil. It is important to work with unrefined coconut oil, as it is far less processed than refined coconut oil. Refined coconut oil is usually bleached, deodorized (to get rid of that delicious coconutty scent and flavor), and processed to increase its smoke point (which is the point at which an oil begins to burn). So, while unrefined coconut oil has a lower smoke point, it has far more benefits and advantages, without the addition of processing and unhealthy additives! Now, let’s dive into some of the wonderful uses of coconut oil, other than simply using it for cooking! Continue reading “Coco for Coconut oil !!!!!”

Road Trippin with Miss T – Jamaica through her eyes

IMG_9980Another road trip, another adventure, another food coma, another perfect day! Last week miss t and i along with some friends pilled up in the countryman, and headed up to the BEAUTIFUL Clifton Mount coffee estate.

The Clifton Mount  Blue Mountain coffee comes from one of the oldest and most revered JBM coffee plantations which dates from the mid-eighteenth century. The location is certainly the most beautiful with its 112 hectares reaching 1300 metres above sea level. This exquisite and exclusive coffee is produced to the highest standards from cherries picked entirely from the plantation and yields a wonderfully mild and graceful coffee with a rich apple bouquet and a perfect union of acidity and body. The incredible richness of the soil, adequate rainfall, and the cool and foggy climate are optimal IMG_0006conditions for its slow growth and cultivation.

Let me just say from start to finish i was in total awe and shock at how beautiful and enchanting the property was. Absolute perfection in every way possible. As you walk onto the immaculate lawns flooded with flowers,George the peacock –  you then look up and there it is – the Clifton estate.

Miss T being the Amazing culinary goddess she is, decided she was going to put on a spread for us! I then decided put my hands to use and styled our table. We sure do make a good team and i sure am falling in love  with these amazing weekly foodie trips!