NEW Shoes Alert!!!!

Peasant shoes they say ?

IMG_2875.jpgAbsolutely love these shoes !!!! I just ordered a pair, and I’m pretty sure they will be my new vacation staple. Perfect for warm weather, they go with everything and most importantly – they are comfy to walk around in!!

From what i hear – they are everyone’s favorite  leisure go to shoe these days.  The espadrille, was actually first worn in the Middle Ages in Catalonia. Because they were made from espardenya grass (from which the French derived the word espadrilles), found in the Mediterranean, they were considered peasant footwear. The upper was usually made of canvas, because it was cheap, and they had laces to keep them attached to the feet.

Fast-forward some 600 years later, and this peasant footwear is now a BIG DEAL — comfortable, easy-to-wear, and made of materials that allow your feet to breathe with more coverage than a sandal.


New Obsession Alert!

OK OK OK OK SOOOOO i have a new and dangerous obsession – The Adffogato!! I feel like i have made one every single night for the past 5 nights – i mean coffee and ice cream in one? Send HELP.

IMG_1725Affogato is a simple dessert that can be easily assembled and served with a few minutes of prep (in the form of making some coffee). The two ingredients, ice cream and coffee, can be kept on hand and used to easily deploy the coffee communities (and arguably a much larger scope) most perfect dessert at a moment’s notice.

Affogato is the Italian word for drowned. The imagery being that a scoop of ice cream is drowned in coffee to make an unforgettable dessert drink. Traditionally an Affogato is made by pulling a double shot of espresso over a scoop of gelato but you will find there is a fair amount of deviations from this standard.

In an affogato, the sweet and creamy ice cream is cut by the acidity and bitterness of the coffee creating a perfect pairing. It is delicious (how could it not be) and quite simply, if you are not adding coffee to your ice cream, you are doing it wrong. Continue reading “New Obsession Alert!”

Show off your STYLE – Show off your FASHION – Toni FiFi

#showoffyourdesigndetails is another hashtag that Toni use regularly.

IMG_1721Toni – What I mean by it is to show off your STYLE, show off your FASHION, show off your LOOK, not your body…I try to encourage the women who shop at my store @maisonfifi not to over expose their bodies for the sake of attention. No I’m not saying we need to be completely covered, I for one love a mini skirt, but I do think it would be fairly amazing if we could be somewhat covered and still feel confident. And I believe fashion can do that, by transferring the short lived high from an applause for revealing all your ‘goods’, to taking credit instead for your creativity. .

Growing up I was ‘the brains’ in my family. I got all A’s and was at the top of my class, or close to it, through most of my primary and secondary school education. (Junior, middle and high school). My father placed great importance on ambition and school work and it’s no secret amongst my siblings that I grew to be his favorite 😉. This must have been the spark that set up the frame work for what I in turn took pride IN. Looks always came second. And not that they didn’t matter cause anyone that knows my parents knows that they both have a bit of vanity smurf mixed into their DNA, however it came second, or third or somewhere after effort, ambition and intellect. .

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Connie Spotted in Mykonos!

IMG_1708.JPGThis Summer we are following Connie around on her fabulous 3 week Honey Moon ! Just like myself  Connie is an adventurer and agrees there is something so refreshing and exciting about learning a new culture, absorbing a new language and tasting authentic food. This year’s adventure took her and her husband to Greece, and some other beautiful destinations we will keep you posted on along the way! First Stop – Mykonos!!!!

I gather the thing about Mykonos is that everybody loves it! Countless people vacation there for their beaches, restaurants, shopping and nightlife. And like every city, it has it’s own charm and old school wonder like their lovely churches and the Little Venice seafront.

NOW let’s get into how cute my girl is looking ! I am  loving the festive look of this black pom pom maxi dress and all the special details. The pom pom tassels are so colourful and fun! It’s a great dress to wear in the summer time or when on vacation in the dead heat of say GREECE. It’s also sweet for going out for dinner with wedges and just as fun with sandals for a casual lunch or brunch date. I have a feeling it will be a favorite all summer long!

With Connie’s luck she also managed to spot these funky oversized shades on the streets! They are by a Greek brand called J. MAG Mykosos that makes sunnies by hand – Just Fab !!!

The Traveler

I cannot wait to get my hands on the Traveler case – It’s the PERECT way to store and travel with not only my By Chari pieces, but the rest of my collection too!

True luxury is found in simplicity and ease, wherever the road might take you. The Traveler is a chic and functional way to securely store life’s most precious pieces, whether you’re at home or away. Handmade from Italian leather with a soft suede interior, The Traveler’s innovative and elevated design caters to your every jewelry need–– with seven

compartments including detachable ring rolls, a watch and cuff pocket, necklace wrap, and more.

IMG_1706                               Shop now –

Nice Coconuts Toni!

IMG_0033-2If you haven’t noticed, off-the-shoulder tops have become the go-to’s during this time of year. I love a good off-the-shoulder top and to me they are super important to the wardrobe family! Here are my 3 reasons why I love this style.

Versatility: The silhouette of this top makes the style perfect for anything from a laid back weekend to a nice date night. For the casual outfit, look for a casual fabric like Toni and pair it back to some cute shorts or flowy pants . But to dress it up, find a style that has feminine details like lace or embroidery and pair it with a sexy pair of heels and skinny jeans.

Comfort: While you might think wearing an off-the-shoulder top can be a little tricky or IMG_0035limiting, they are actually quite comfortable. Most of the styles I own are a little more oversized which can be worn tucked or un-tucked. There are also a few styles that allow you to move your arms while keeping the off-the-shoulder look in place.

Stylish:  I always gravitate towards wearing the trend because it makes me feel good. Showing a little skin, without showing too much, which is flattering. And since the style is on-trend, overall I feel confident wearing the silhouette.

Check out our style Guru – @tonififi for lot’s more style inspiration !!