The Cuts of a Diamond Retreat in Beautiful Jamaica ..

The Cuts of a Diamond Retreat for women like you to open the way to a new beginning. Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 11.37.55 AMBecause you’re worthy of living a life that’s rich and beautiful.

Retreat to the nurturing and lush hills of Jamaica, land of water and wood, for a transformative healing experience. Held by Mother Earth and Father Sky, we’ll cherish Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 10.25.20 AMour bodies and refresh our spirit, through deep healing work, meditation and journaling. A journey of remembering who we truly are, a practice of integration – ancestral, emotional, physical and spiritual. A letting go and an embrace of the New.

There is incredible healing power and perspective that comes from writing down your story and reflecting on your journey.  Changing your mindset and telling your story are powerful, but sometimes you just need to get out of your current situation and be in a space where transformation is possible. This unique event is dedicated to healing heartbreak and reclaiming happiness.

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 5.44.27 PM


Awaken, Heal and Re-write your story. Celebrate your true, beautiful self!

Registration fees include:

  • Program and materialds
  • Nourishing food program provided by private chef
  • Accommodation: Good Hope Coach House: A Country villa with ensuite cut stone contemporary bedrooms situated on the magnificent Good Hope Plantation.

Program Modules*


We greet the earth, the sky and each other through being present. No more, no less, just BEING. A vipassana meditation that will allow our soul to say good morning while we mindfully sit quietly.


We greet each other through playfulness and we acknowledge ourselves through honesty. Then we delve into the exercise I AM.


We connect. In soul – land, through deep ancestral healing work. We create a safe, holding space while we soothingly heal our scars. A healing circle in which we will experience systemic constellation, ritual while shedding layers of unconscious pain and letting go of limiting beliefs.


Conversation around the writing.  Who are you writing to?  Describe the person…name age etc


We gather under the Moon and the stars, witnessing the fire,  while creating stories. Guided exercise in improvising a story. The experience is an act of being present and creative, it will kindle laughter and intimacy in the group. Nothing pretentious or ritualized, just our childlike selves coming out from shyness.


We share as a group how our night and the previous day were while setting intentions for the new day. An exercise of positive language, participants will learn how to mindfully recognize their inner language and change it in a way that is empowering.


As a group we will experience being seen, acknowledged. A deep practice of openness, receiving and gratitude.

COMMITMENT – Sandra and Alina together

Create a personal mantra to reflect your healing path. Experience a guided embodiment exercise through which the commitments is felt in the body and taken in spiritually


Last activity under the sky by the river.



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