Paris is Always a GOOD idea!

IMG_2584Ever since i can remember Paris has always been on my fairytale bucket list! Weather i fell in love with the movies or the food – there was just something about Paris that pulled at my heart. Even  though i’d never been, i knew it was only a matter of time.
However having only heard of the downsides of Paris in more recent times , I headed for this city of love with no expectations at all and a head full of worst case scenarios, but boy was I in for a surprise! Paris was pure magic. It was like everything I’d imagined growing up and even more.  It was absolutely breathtaking. I felt as though i could have stayed there for the rest of my life – Well

The people were extremely friendly. The view was, of course, without a doubt, stunning. The food and wine was heavenly and the cathedrals were mesmerizing – so powerful and heart-rendering. The metros were easy to take and ubers were everywhere. Everything was so close together that we actually wanted to walk and enjoy the gorgeous weather and scenery. That being said, apart from crowded attraction venues, I don’t know what there is to hate about Paris.




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