Optical Smart’s Four-Eyed Spexy Diva

IMG_6951.JPGLong behind us are the days of “four eye” teasing…glasses are functional, sexy and can add a great deal to an outfit or even act as a personal expression. You may be surprised by just how much can be said with a simple pair of glasses.

So, how do you find the perfect pair of stylish glasses for those who want to add a bit of flair to their everyday apparel? You start by seeing eyewear not only as a necessity, but as an accessory.

1. Frame Style – Needless to mention, reading glasses have now become an important fashion accessory. To get a young and fashionable look, wear stylish and trendy eyeglass frames. Choose frame styles that enhance your look and complement your face. The classic frame designs have already become outdated over time; thus, keep changing your eyeglass frames as fashion trends are constantly changing.

2. Frame Size – Choosing the right size of your eyewear frames is also quite important. Please note, you should choose a frame size that complements your facial structure and features. Nowadays, larger, bolder, and brighter frames have become a popular fashion trend as they tend to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes and make you look younger (and hide the under eye bags!).

3. Frame Shape – The right frame shape can actually make you look more youthful! While choosing the frame shape, ensure that it suits your face shape. For example, upswept frames visually lift your face and help you look younger.

4. Frame Color – A colorful frame can excellently enhance the natural beauty of your eye color and add a subtle warmth to your face. The best part is — you’ll have a plethora of color choices and patterns to select an ideal frame for you. While choosing the frame color, don’t forget to keep a note of your hair color, skin complexion, clothing, and personality.

5. UV Protection – The last tip is all about protecting your eyes from harmful UV radiation and preventing wrinkles/fine lines around your eyes. Since the skin around your eyes is extremely delicate and tends to develop wrinkles/discoloration from cumulative UV damage, squinting can also encourage wrinkles. UV radiation in itself causes serious eye diseases, and even cancers, so do make sure that your reading glasses come with UV filtering lenses.


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