Why Brunch is a GREAT way to catch up with Friends!

IMG_9631It’s safe to say we lead such busy lives; jam packed with work, children and other responsibilities. It’s understandable, then, that we often neglect our friendships. But we should set aside time to get together to talk, laugh and reminisce with our friends. So, pick a day and time for brunch at a local restaurant and make it happen. You’ll be happy you did and, by the end of the meal, you’ll all be checking your calendars for a day and time to meet up again.

20 Things Every Man Should Have.

Beyond the basics of food, water, toilet paper and shelter, what does a man really need? Clothing, to be sure. An income is nice. A comfortable place to sit and rest.

IMG_6426While many items seen as classically manly — the cigars, the axe, the fast car — may be enjoyable, they are hardly necessities. What a man really needs are things that will improve his quality of life; things that make tasks easier to tackle, that bring genuine joy, and that are made well enough to last for years.

  • A Great Watch – Every man should own at least one good watch. You don’t need a $5,000 Rolex, but you should probably spend at least $500 or so on your finest chronometer. At that price point, you are assured of a watch that will work well for years and you can find dozens of watchmakers producing gorgeous timepieces in that range. As for the size of the face, the type of band, the function, the features, and so on, pick a watch that suits your style, but don’t go cheap; you’ll have a great watch until the end of — wait for it — time.


  • A Well Made Blazer – Even if you wear a formal jacket all of once or twice a year, you should have a fine dress coat at the ready so you can always look your best. A great blazer can dress up a pair of nice jeans and blend seamlessly with fine slacks. You can wear blazers with ties, tees, and anything in between. You could easily spend a couple of thousand dollars on a lifetime purchase or you can get away with spending a couple hundred.
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