Tips to packing a Makeup Bag


Summer is almost here again (not that we need summer to travel), It’s time to get our travel on! My girls and i have a HUGE trip planned for the end of August – i can hardly contain myself . I also have a couple smaller trips planned before that, so I thought I’d  share a Trudi Alexis fun travelling fact.

One of the toughest things about traveling is condensing my makeup down to JUST one small bag. I instantly go into sudden panic mode.

I’m not a diva at all when I travel, It’s more the thought of forgetting something I might need – so I tend to over-pack. I think most chicks can relate to this – rite? After countless trips and endless makeup bags, I learned a stress-free way to pack all my makeup essentials. Here we go!

1. Invest in a good cosmetic bag. Whether it’s a cheapy or a splurge, look for a bag that will keep your makeup organized! Look for one that has a divider with several little compartments! There’s nothing more frustrating than digging around for makeup so find one that’s portable and easy.

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Sunday i love you!

Ahh Sundays! I love you so much. Like many of my friends, I look forward to you for so many reasons. Growing up I dreaded you but now you are my favorite day of the week and I thank you for never giving up on me. You’ve always had my best interest in my mind so I know deep down inside you knew this day would come. Not only do I love you like no other day, I value our time together. Even if my everyone else refuses to tell you how they feel, I know they love you too and here’s why.

Judgement Free Zone: Regardless of what anyone does on Friday and/or Saturday night, you’re just a day away. You give party goers and bar hoppers some much needed down time to look forward to and you don’t hold their past transgressions against them.

No Pressure: You let us sleep in and you don’t pressure us to get up and go to work, go grocery shopping or clean the house. When we finally do get up to do all of those things, there’s no obligation and you don’t nag us so we actually enjoy it.IMG_7627

Clear Thoughts & Mind: There’s nothing good on television (until the evening), so you have no choice but to be alone with your thoughts on Sundays.  After a very hectic week, who couldn’t use some alone time with their thought?  I know I appreciate it!

Inspiration: On Sundays everyone is inspired and that inspiration is usually paid forward. Whether we’re inspired at Church, on a drive out, the beach, mountains – during a simple conversation or by listening to music, our hearts and minds are open.  We’re more receptive and ready to receive the positive messages that greet us every Sunday. Even if it only lasts for 24 hours, it’s 24 hours of happiness felt by people all over the world.

Coffee Break at Eleni’s Bakery

IMG_7283Soo today i needed to sit someplace not so hectic, and catch up on some work – you know what i mean ? Kingston thankfully has stepped up it’s Cafe game big time – some more popular than others. Today i decided to spend sometime at Eleni’s Bakery, located in Sovereign North plaza 29 Barbican Rd. It’s not usually my first choice of places to sit and get shit done, however at the moment they carry my Favorite Coffee brand (Marley Coffee) – ohhh and they make a dyam good croissant too. Ham and cheese to be exact – using Hamilton’s Smoke House Honey Ham. if you are into freshhh french breads, pastries and a killer coffee then this is your spot!


You’ve got mail – Jamaica through her eyes.

Ran into this CHARMING post office a few weeks ago, located in a Clarks Town! I love IMG_5736when i stumble upon these little vintage structures – i literally feel my body, and mind go back in time.

Clark’s Town is located in the heart of the Trelawny sugar belt, and is a busy rural town with an interesting history. After the emancipation of slaves in Jamaica in the mid-19th century, the owner of the Swandswick Estate, Mr G.M. Clarke, donated a 30-acre tract of land on the edge of his estate to be used for the development of a “Free Village”. The village at the time was structured in the traditional free village style, with a centrally located church and the houses of mainly sugar estate workers. Currently there is a debate as to whether IMG_5740the church was originally Baptist or Anglican, as that fact would give further insight into the history of the town. Despite it all, the town stayed within its 1843 boundaries for almost a century, surrounded by sugar estate lands. Only in the past 50 years has the town been allowed to grow, and today it is no longer a small village but a bustling transportation hub with an energetic populace.

Eternal Flame Xx

IMG_6783It’s not a farce, an old wives’ tale or a common misconception. It’s not something only six percent of people fall statistic to, nor is it one of those fabricated lies boys believe about women, like sexy pillow fights at slumber parties. It’s not an anomoly, a mystery or one of the many secrets locked in womanhood.

It’s just something that we’re drawn to, like Portantonio  on the weekend or cozy sweaters when it rains. It’s that soothing light in the distant corner, that fragrant smell of lavender and lilac, the beautiful glass jar that illuminates a dark room. It’s no secret: Women love candles.

Why do we love them so much? What is it about candles that drives us to drop 30 – 100 dollars on wax and glass? What compels us about the idea of buying a product with a short-term benefit?

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Remembering my Mom – Thank you!


Thank you for always doing your best  to keep us happy, safe and protected .

Thank you for your kindness, caring and immeasurable patience. IMG_6947

Thank you for looking out for us even when We thought we didn’t need it, and for letting us fall when We had to learn by making our own mistakes.

Thank you mom for always being there; for raising us , engraving our family values deep and grounded into us.

Thank you for waiting up and worrying, and the endless concerns that any mommy would have .

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Cubes on my Wrist!

The origins of the diamond tennis bracelet date back to the eighties when then-number-one tennis star Chris Evertsported the inline diamond style at the U.S. Open. After Evert brought bling to the courts, others followed, with the Williams sisters and Maria Sharapova sporting eye-catching earrings and rings to add extra panache to their look.

Unfortunately I’m not in a position to splurge on my dream tennis bracelet just yet. Lucky for me i was able to get my hands on something just as pretty, FOR NOW!

This stunning rhodium plated sterling silver design from Pandora, brings a new modern twist to the classic tennis bracelet style. This bracelet features cubic zirconia detailing and a chic sliding clasp that makes it easy to adjust to suit your wrist size and preferred styling.

Let we go ah Market.

straw bagThere are multiple ways to say it – wicker, straw, rattan – but they’re all THE bag of the moment. It’s hard to find a look on Instagram or on your favorite bloggers’ site without seeing one and with good reason. There are so many stylish and even adorable wicker bags right now. My favorite thing to do is go to the Ocho Rios craft market, and have them whip me something up.

Whether for a lunch date, for lounging by the poolside or beach, or for a trip to the market, a fun straw bag or a wicker hand-held basket is a failsafe style option for all occasions.

Ra (raw) is better !

rawI have really sensitive skin and i must say, I’m highly impressed with this line. RAW soaps are handmade and plant based soaps. No artificial dyes and no preservatives.  RAW botanicals and pure essential oils are blended in a workshop to create an unique scent and a special soap to indulge your skin. The soaps are handcrafted to the last detail, hand-cut and hand-wrapped individually here in Jamaica.

They are so many awesome blends to choose from! One of my favorites is the Cucumber. It is a gentle blend of oregano, rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils. Made from locally grown and juiced cucumbers in their workshop. A splash of poppy seeds gives a soft exfoliant for the skin.

Cleanses and softens, leaving skin smelling fresh and feeling soft. It creates a rich, silky lather thanks to the loads of coconut oil and sunflower oil packed in every batch.

Cucumber benefits:

  • Skin Conditioner : Cucumber as an ingredient is rich in Phytosterols, amino acids, nutrients like minerals, Vitamin A & C that are natural skin conditioners and raw1collagen builders that help to retain skin moisture and condition skin naturally.
  • Natural Emollient & Coolant: Cucumber naturally soothes and calms skin.
  • Natural Skin Cleanser & Astringent: It also balances skin oils that tighten pores and tone your skin.
  • Skin Softener: Keeps skin soft. Soothes and heals damaged skin.
  • Reduces Sunburn: Antioxidants present in cucumber reduce sun burn and tanning effect.
  • Skin Lightening: Cucumber works as a natural bleach to lighten and brighten the skin.
  • Fight Inflammation: Cucumbers may help to “cool” the inflammatory response in your body.
  • Antioxidant Properties: Cucumbers contain numerous antioxidants, including the well-known vitamin C and beta-carotene. They also contain antioxidant flavonoids which provide additional benefit.