The Traveler

I cannot wait to get my hands on the Traveler case – It’s the PERECT way to store and travel with not only my By Chari pieces, but the rest of my collection too!

True luxury is found in simplicity and ease, wherever the road might take you. The Traveler is a chic and functional way to securely store life’s most precious pieces, whether you’re at home or away. Handmade from Italian leather with a soft suede interior, The Traveler’s innovative and elevated design caters to your every jewelry need–– with seven

compartments including detachable ring rolls, a watch and cuff pocket, necklace wrap, and more.

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Happy Birthday Me!

Like a summer’s day at peak, or a full and loving moon, a 34-year-old is at their prime, at once reflective May and contemplative June. Growing, loving, accepting , healing 🙂


Nice Coconuts Toni!

IMG_0033-2If you haven’t noticed, off-the-shoulder tops have become the go-to’s during this time of year. I love a good off-the-shoulder top and to me they are super important to the wardrobe family! Here are my 3 reasons why I love this style.

Versatility: The silhouette of this top makes the style perfect for anything from a laid back weekend to a nice date night. For the casual outfit, look for a casual fabric like Toni and pair it back to some cute shorts or flowy pants . But to dress it up, find a style that has feminine details like lace or embroidery and pair it with a sexy pair of heels and skinny jeans.

Comfort: While you might think wearing an off-the-shoulder top can be a little tricky or IMG_0035limiting, they are actually quite comfortable. Most of the styles I own are a little more oversized which can be worn tucked or un-tucked. There are also a few styles that allow you to move your arms while keeping the off-the-shoulder look in place.

Stylish:  I always gravitate towards wearing the trend because it makes me feel good. Showing a little skin, without showing too much, which is flattering. And since the style is on-trend, overall I feel confident wearing the silhouette.

Check out our style Guru – @tonififi for lot’s more style inspiration !!


Palm Sunday!

4c8cbcbd-f1c1-4209-ab72-ada94820752cIf you are a regular reader, you know one of my favourite things are prints so it’s not a surprise that I adore this palm kimono! There are lots of tropical prints around at the moment which I love as it makes me feel all summery. Lusting over this funky palm leaf print, makes me dream of a staycation out of town- or a dreamy holiday…

I think the kimonos are really versatile as they can be worn in several ways!! Even though Connie has on wedges and her legs are out and about, which would usually seem fairly dressy, she didn’t look or feel too dressy. It was PERFECTO for another fab boozy Sunday brunch – It’s nice to dress up, but not feel over the top. You have to love what you wear and wear your clothes with pride, we spend enough time and money buying clothes so we have to love what we wear!

Look out for more of these fun looks which will be available for purchase  – POP-UP shops coming soon – shop our style!


She Can’t be Caged – Danielle Alexis Watler

First Design Frenchmen Eclipse Costume.pngRecently, I realized how little I recognize my friends who truly make me proud. That being said, the more I think about it and ponder that definition of the word, while it is an absolute honor to be friends with so many wonderful people, there are some who literally leave me in awe at how much they fight for what they want. Take my “forever Carnival Queen” for instance, I have watched Danielle cry, laugh, drip sweat and stay up ridiculous hours. She did this all because she had a dream – and she knew it HAD to become her reality!

Danielle’s Journey –

 My journey is one that combines the power of “YES”, the power of God and the gift of great friendships. The start of me “coming to life” involves a woman approaching me on a bright Saturday morning on Seven Mile Beach and telling me that God has been calling Photo credit Corey Hamilton.jpgme for some time. I may have thought at another point in my life that she is either crazy or I certainly am for entertaining her. However, all I felt was love and little fear. As she finished praying over me, she clapped her hands, looked me straight in the face and said “today is a beautiful day for you child”. The rest that follows not all are ready to receive and I too am not ready to tell just yet as I am still discovering HIS plan for me. My life since that day however has never been the same and the opportunities that have come my way are endless- figuring out which path to pursue is part of the journey and the wonderful confusion.  

Taking a page out of author Shonda Rhime’s life story, I am currently living my year of YES- YES to discover greater passion or purpose in my life, YES to greater spirituality and YES to new opportunities. In the space of 6 months I recently completed a feat that was always on my bucket list. My bucket list only called for 1 costume but being the slightly obsessive over-achiever I am – 7 Carnival costume designs -3 bands (2 which are now my own) – 2 countries. Continue reading “She Can’t be Caged – Danielle Alexis Watler”

This is Me!

She’s not interested in their opinion. She doesn’t always want their advice. She’s not doing this for them. This is for her. This is her life. Her story. And she holds the pen. She’s focussed. And she’s determined. You can watch it unfold or look in the other direction. But the one thing you can’t do, is get in her way!!


Toni FiFi’s Stylish Move!

Toni’s style  has me in awe everyday all day! She rocks her threads so effortlessly and chic. Lets just talk about this easy, breezy lightweight rustic red linen dress -Nothing says summer quite like linen! It’s perfect fabric that’s timeless and so IMG_3761easy and cool to wear!  I’ve always been a sucker for linen – especially white linen eek. It reminds me of the beach and has some kind of magical power — as soon as I put it on, I immediately feel like I’m on vacation, haha! Now to the straw circular bag – It’s EVERYTHING!!!!!  There are multiple ways to say it – wicker, straw, rattan – but they’re all THE bag of the moment. It’s hard to find a look on Instagram or on your favorite bloggers’ site without seeing one and with good reason id say.

Toni Tells us on her blog – Just me, this season’s number 1 accessory (circular straw bags) and a bit of a motivational minute…Roundie_basket_clipped_rev_2_400x

When I announced my decision to make the move to Toronto I got a lot of ‘you’re lucky
you are able to do that’ from a few people in similar circumstances. i.e. having a need that couldn’t be met without some sort of change. .

But it isn’t luck that’s allowing me to meet these needs. And it isn’t a lack of
luck that’s holding them back. I’ve got a lot to lose, but an equal amount, no…MORE to gain. The fear of the unknown can cause paralysis, but only if you focus on the fear and not the potential gains. ✨✨

So walk fearlessly and Let’s do this 🙌🏽

Make sure to go follow Toni (@tonififi) for lot’s more style inspiration !!!  Continue reading “Toni FiFi’s Stylish Move!”

Morning’s at Villa Maria – In the little white dress!

IMG_3605Let me remind you that a girl can never own too many white dresses, especially when they are all unique and have different detailing. That’s all you will want to wear when living  in a tropical island like Jamaica – or anywhere for that matter.  In the dead heat of summer you might as well have options, right? I LOVE this loose fitting, high neck sheer dress Connie has graced us with this morning! She looks like a little boho farm girl – No Wait correction – she look’s like a Chic little boho farm girl.

With a white dress in your wardrobe you can never make a mistake. If the style of the IMG_3604dress is not too special or exciting, you will keep it and wear it very often anyways! It’s so so easy to turn it into whatever you feel like – dress it up, dress it down, do as you please. For me – a white dress comes in most handy for Sunday brunching, a baby christening, or on a weekend i want to feel soft and pretty! My only must-have before attempting the white dress – is a sun-kissed tan.

Look out for more of these fun looks which will be available for purchase  – POP-UP shops coming soon – shop our style!