Kiehls – Creme de Corps Nourishing Dry Body Oil

kiehlsThis lightweight body oil nourishes skin with hydration to help achieve a more refined skin texture – soft, supple and smooth. Enriched with Squalane and Grapeseed Oil, the spray-on body oil delivers a fine mist that quickly absorbs into skin, residue-free and dry to the touch!

My favorite thing about kiehls dry oil is how super soft it makes my skin!
I’ve never been one to purchase oils because I’ve had issues with how they feel on my skin, especially living in hot sticky climate. One of  my favorite things to do is spraying  it on after a hot shower – ohhh and it smells  AMAZING TOO! I always feel like I’m just walking out of a spa right after.
This body oil is my new favorite thing – Thanks for the hook up Chan !! Xo

Stir it up – Whats Cooking?

Callaloo Soup what exactly is Callaloo you ask? Callaloo is the country’s staple vegetable and leafy green. It is the edible leaves of the Amaranth plant– and while it almost resembles spinach, it doesn’t quite taste like it. It has a slightly bitter flavour with a nutty undertone. The most typical way it is enjoyed is as a side dish: chopped and steamed in a pot with scallions (green onion), garlic, thyme, scotch bonnet and coconut oil. Some variations include the addition of chopped okra, tomatoes, diced pumpkin or carrots. Another favourite and very popular add-on is saltfish.

One of my favorite ways to use Callaloo is in soup! Joanne shares her recipe below, on how to make her AMAZING soup here. Callaloo soup is usually thick with coconut milk, dasheen bush or greens, pumpkin and okra. Many cook it with pigstail or fish. The okra tends to make it on the thicker side like a gumbo consistency almost.
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Bag full of Sunshine – Made in Jamaica

IMG_7857.jpgWhen you need a little somethin’-somethin’ to spruce up a drab or dull outfit, you can always turn to accessories. And what better way to make a statement than by carrying around a bag in a unique shade of, say, YELLOW? Or blue? Or red? Or pink?

Brightly coloured handbags and clutches can really bring some life and spice to an outfit. If you’re rocking the monochrome black-and-white trend and want to add an extra eye-catching element to your outfit — bam! — a fiery red bag will make a huge statement. If you’ve decided to go with dark greys and neutral shades for the office today and need to feel a little more “fashionable”, no problem — grab your sunshine yellow bag and strut win feeling fun and confident.

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Di Wine Yaad

IMG_7765.JPGA Jamaican beauty by the name of Anna-Kay Tomlinson or as more popularly known, Miss T, had a dream of opening a restaurant that would deliver Jamaica’s amazing flavors, people, and atmosphere to the world. All on her own, she used her passion for cooking to open one of the best restaurants in Ocho Rios that has far surpassed anything she could have ever imagined.

Not only does Miss T have an immense passion for the art of cooking but when she hears the two words “road trip”, she’ll have no trouble throwing off her apron and jumping into any vehicle, whether it be a fancy Mini Cooper or an old red “Betsy” – but under one condition; there will be good roadside Jamaican food and a few bottles of wine.04247ce4-ba8a-4d4d-8c4d-ff41c1b6ea40

Not only is Miss T a chef and a lover of road trips – she’s also a dreamer. She dreamed of a wine bar on the lawns of her empire but she insisted that it look exactly like an old Jamaican house with fretwork on the outside and vibrant, bursting colors. So said, so done.

On February 24, 2018, Miss T, amidst an excited, restless crowd, cut the red ribbon tied around the columns of the verandah of Di Wine Yaad. As the patrons stepped foot into the orange and blue fret-framed building, the first thing they realized was the IMG_7923crystal-clear (as clear as the glasses holding their wine) evidence of the needle fine attention that Miss T paid to detail when it came to the interior of “Di Wine Yaad”.

Di Wine Yaad will serve a wide variety of wines from all over the world and will feature an exotic tapas style menu. If you thought Miss T’s oxtail was wicked, you just wait till you bite into some of Miss T’s scrumptious, crispy, Oxtail Ragu Wontons topped with goat cheese and wash it down with a glass or even a few bottles of wine from a wide selection!

All are welcome to slip into Di Wine Yaad and sip away or if you’d prefer, rock away on Miss T’s verandah of Di Wine Yaad. Cheers!


Maintaining Friendships as an Adult

img_1931.jpgWe know making new friends gets harder as we get older — we have less time, less energy, and fewer opportunities. It gets easy to let your friendships cruise on autopilot. But a ton of Instagram likes, Facebook comments, and flaky promises for drinks do not make a solid friendship make. Recently, a study revealed that our crews are the sliced bread of life (even more important than family!). So you may want to take stock of your old faithful’s  and do your part to keep them close. Age comes with a million responsibilities that may seem more urgent than calling a pal or planning a IMG_7717ladies’ trip, but  it also comes with the realization that it’s the people in our lives that make this whole thing worth the ride. Want to show your soul sisters you care? It doesn’t take much, and the reward is major.

1. Pick up the phone. And we don’t just mean to text or scroll. We mean a real-life phone call. Who knows if they’ll answer; but even a voicemail will brighten their day and show your friend that you genuinely enjoy talking to them.

IMG_17272. Be consistent. Your pack loves you, so they may be chill when you cancel last-minute or fail to follow through on plans. They may even laugh it off. Deep down, though, it stings. Any way you spin it, when you skip out on your girls for work or an S.O., it send a message about your priorities. It’s true that sometimes we can’t help it; things come up. But if it happens more often than not, reassess and be realistic when you make plans. And know that sometimes you just have put your super-urgent deadlines aside and go chill with your girls. You’ll be glad you did. Continue reading “Maintaining Friendships as an Adult”

Like my new Slides ?

STEVEMADDEN-SANDALS_DASHA_CLEAR_SIDEEmbrace modern minimalism in the form of the DASHA slide, characterized by two parallel straps and a flat sole. Complement the style’s partially transparent upper by pairing with semi-sheer garments for a breezy-chic overall look.

CUTS of a DIAMOND – What I’m reading now

I must shout out to the world how incredibly proud I am of my Sister Friend!! Sandra has always dreamt of writing a book, but as she mentions in her story – Nothing before it’s sandratime! She conquered all fears and is finally telling her story, and what a story it is. She wrote this book with hopes of helping and guiding others like myself. I spend a great portion of my  life trying to figure out how to get on the self journey -to finding myself again.

Sandra speaks about turning even your most heartbreaking experiences into a thing of beauty.

In Cuts Of A Diamond Sandra Rodriguez Bicknell sets down her raw emotions and honest experiences in order to make a difference in each reader’s life.

It’s time to take back your authority over your life. You cannot dictate what will or will not happen to you as your life unfolds but you can manage how you look at your experiences and how you let them affect you. Then honor your victory with a beautiful piece of gem sprinkled jewelry that will remind you of your triumphs.

Make this memoir your guide to self-rediscovery and growth. The journey begins with the first chapter.

  • Improve your Relationships with God and your Family
  • Conquer Heartbreak
  • Strengthen your Spirituality